A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

- Mouse: Aim
- Left-Click: Dash
- Right-Click: Use Ability

Multiplayer: (X-Box Controllers, up to 4 players)
- Left Joystick: Aim
- A/Y: Dash
- X/B: Use Ability
Note: If wanting to play singleplayer with a controller, select the multiplayer option.

Known Issues:
- AI occasionally gets stuck on walls
- Foods can spawn on-top of each other (Hiding abilities)
- Controller player number may not correspond to in-game player number
- Joystick can sometimes seem to get stuck
(Fix: Move in direction you are facing then move where you want to go)


Made for Ludum Dare 34 (72 Hour Jam)


Consumerism is a game about consuming as much as possible in a short amount of time. A four player top down eat-em-up game. Eat the most unhealthy foods and make sure that you avoid the pesky 'healthy' foods. There are three superfoods found across the map: burn your enemies like in Vietnam with chilli breath, gas your enemies like Hitler did with a can o' beans, and get high on sugar with the literal sugar bag.

DISCLAIMER: We are sorry if we have offended anyone. Please note that our description and game concept were purely chosen because we thought it would be funny. We did not mean to offend.


Consumerism_Game_x64.zip 12 MB
Consumerism_Game_x86.zip 10 MB
Consumerism_Game_Mac.zip 12 MB

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